Information Retrieval & Interaction System

A framework for investigating information retrieval and interaction activities, and a toolkit for implementing them - IRIS is meant to make information work for us.

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What Can You Do With IRIS?

Summarize your documents. Get an overview of each before you dive deeper.

Rank your documents by word frequency from most relevant to least relevant.

Query through all your documents by keyword for just the information that you need.

Manipulate the document however you want. Filter, sort, extract information. The power is in your hands.

Using IRIS


The IRIS toolkit is provided as a set of APIs open to the public. It is open source and easily extendable.

IRIS provides a set of simple yet modular document operators. These operators can be combined in various ways to create more interesting and advanced functionality.

Our intentions are for these combinations to produce higher levels of abstraction for information retrieval. Eventually we hope that even very abstract concepts like "making sense" can be realized.

How It Works

The API endpoint is located here:

  • Requests can be made via POST (preferred) or GET and all XML data must be included in an "xmldata" request variable.
  • Try the request tool to send requests without writing code!
  • There is no registration required, but if you wish to keep your data safe you can quickly register to get a fixed client id.
  • The format of the request can be found in the documentation.


The source is currently hosted on Github where you can download or contribute.

View IRIS on Github



IRIS is (soon) available as a browser plug-in. As an extension to your browser, it can help a user make sense out of information they encounter on the Web with a click of a button. This is what IRIS sidebar looks like.

Download (Coming Soon)